Is a freelance life a lonely life?

Today is my first full day back working after nine months maternity leave and one of the first items to catch my attention this morning was this article on the loneliness and social isolation faced by homeworkers.

More and more of us are switching the grind of the daily commute for home comforts.

No tiny cubicle in an open plan soulless office for me

No tiny cubicle in an open plan soulless office for me

But is it a case of the ‘grass is greener’ and the reality not measuring up to the fantasy?

Not as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe I’m unusual but I really don’t think I could go back to office politics, sad sandwiches and strip lighting.

Last night I got about three hours sleep thanks to nocturnal children and I’m not sure I could have faced making myself presentable, travelling in hot sweaty weather, and joining the office hamster wheel.

I am by no means slacking off, in fact after some breakfast and three cups of tea I feel almost human and was at my desk by 8.30am.

My list of tasks is getting ticked off pretty quickly and efficiently.

The window is open, sun streaming in alongside a gentle breeze and the radio playing quietly in the background.

I am sat in a pleasant, comfortable, calm environment. Admittedly I am still in pyjamas but this is by no means altering my ability to do my job.

I have spoken to colleagues by phone and email so do not feel I am lacking human interaction but it has been on my terms.


Perhaps if I was sat at this desk five days a week, eight hours a day I would start to get worn down by it.

But surely that’s the point of freelancing, that you are master of your own destiny.

I can arrange meetings and take on different types of work which enable me to have human contact.

When term starts again, the teaching sessions I run will provide some interesting variety.

The Guardian article points out that your personality type may determine how well you adjust to home working.

I am sure this is true to some extent but I would never describe myself as an introvert, quite the opposite in fact, I am a pretty social creature.

Yet I am also a harried mum who looks forward to the nursery days when I can work in peace and quiet with no distraction, organising my time to suit and finishing tasks one at a time.

This blog post has taken about 20 minutes to write and I do not have to explain my productivity to anyone or why I took time out from other tasks.

I get paid for the work I do and the more I choose to take on the more I earn.

Alternatively if I want to take a break or day off that is my choice.

That freedom, for me, outweighs any occasional feelings of loneliness.